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The Spoof Bands That Could Play At Donald Trump's Inauguration

President-elect Donald Trump shouldn’t worry about which music stars will perform at his inauguration.

After Elton John ruled himself out of the gig on Wednesday, Twitter users have been helpfully imagining a bunch of other (spoof) bands who could instead take to the stage on Jan. 20.

Via the globally trending #TrumpInauguralBands hashtag, they’ve suggested everyone from “Earth, Wind and You’re Fired” to “System of a Clown.”

Here are some of the best posts we’ve seen so far:

Earth, Wind, and You're Fired #TrumpInauguralBands

— The Right Side (@fedupwith) November 25, 2016

Notorious B.I.G.O.T #TrumpInauguralBands

— Andy (mostly cats) (@pooter03) November 25, 2016

No Direction#TrumpInauguralBands

— Eva Stonz (@StonZMGMT) November 25, 2016

System of a Clown #TrumpInauguralBands

— Janet Morris (@janersm) November 25, 2016

#TrumpInauguralBands Earth, Wind, and Liar

— Bill Beck (@Writer614) November 25, 2016

Mr. Bigly#TrumpInauguralBands

— Craig Rozniecki (@CraigRozniecki) November 25, 2016

Fool And The Gang #TrumpInauguralBands

— Elaine T. Palmer (@AUNTIELANELANE) November 25, 2016

Back in the USSR #TrumpInauguralBands

— GhitaVee (@GhitaVee) November 25, 2016

The Trolling Stones #TrumpInauguralBands

— Jana Maiuri (@janamaiuri) November 25, 2016

Trumpford & Sons #TrumpInauguralBands

— Rusty Shackleford (@SECWXFB) November 25, 2016

Poison #TrumpInauguralBands

— Rusty Shackleford (@SECWXFB) November 25, 2016

My Petrochemical Romance #TrumpInauguralBands

— Patricia Scott (@8s) November 25, 2016

Bigly Smalls #TrumpInauguralBands @HammDaisy @john_lipscomb

— mclipsco (@mclipsco) November 25, 2016

The Big Beautiful Doors #TrumpInauguralBands

— Deano Vdub (@Deano_vW) November 25, 2016

Notorious H.U.G.E. #TrumpInauguralBands

— GLASSMAN (@gmanicus) November 25, 2016

Panic! At the white house #TrumpInauguralBands

— Askalexial (@Askalexial) November 25, 2016

The Pretty Awful Things#TrumpInauguralBands

— Jim'sJunkBox (@JamesIsaak2) November 25, 2016

Pollute Earth, Wind & Fire

— Jim (@JMODERATE) November 25, 2016

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