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Everything to Know About the New ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Trailer

The 10-year wait is nearly over + READ ARTICLE

Gird yourself for a barrage of buzzy superlatives, because this Final Fantasy XV summary launch trailer is full of them. But it also nicely frames what Square Enix’s decade-in-development game wound up becoming on the cusp of its November 29 debut for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The “101” video covers story, setting, the troupe of protagonists you control, a bit about combat’s team synergies, the basics of drawing, crafting and combining magic, how character advancement works, a glimpse of some of the incredible-looking things you can “summon,” how navigation works (by car or ostrich-like chocobo), the game’s side quests, monster hunts, and its playable pinball-ish mini-game Justice Monsters Five.

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