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A Gay Clergy

  • Denny JA
  • Penerbit :
  • Tahun : 2016
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Prophets received Divine Revelation. Writers only received inspiration

The Ramadhan month of 2015 became special for me as inspirations have flooded my soul. Within the period of one whole month, inspirations visited and delivered twenty long poems

Usually after finishing the meal before dawn, inspiration will materialize when I sit on the verandah. After that I will drift into sleep. From first light until the breaking of the fast, this inspiration insisted that I kept writing until the poem is created.

During this fasting month of 2015, my life is filled with contemplation for the poem. Sometimes I controlled it, at other times the poem controlled me. Sometimes we hated each other. At other times we loved each other.

After writing one poem, I shared it through my social media network such as WhatsApp, Twitter and my Facebook DennyJA_WORLD. Often the ideas in the poem incited discussion, disagreement, reflection from the readers.

Each poem is intended to be read for five minutes and become the source of contemplation. These twenty two poems expressed issues and restlessness on religions and the realities of living happily. In accordance with its title, this range of poems is intended to be bread for the heart, a snack for the soul

All poems are written in essay poem format which is more concise, and less footnotes

What is an essay poem?

An Essay poem reflects opinion on certain social issues delivered in the form of narrative poetry. In it there is drama, plot, characters just like a short story, here written in poetry format to ensure that the essay (opinion) written will touch the hearts of the readers.

The footnotes have a significant role in the essay poem as they present data, references that support the fiction of this poem and the facts of life that support each other.

During Eid Mubarak eve, the inspiration bade me farewell. I said good bye and hope that s/he will visit again so I can write another book.

Prophets received Divine Revelation. Writers only received inspiration

Jakarta,  2015

Denny JA

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