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The Religion of Love: Jalaluddin Rumi in Digital Art

  • Denny JA
  • Penerbit : Book Project
  • Tahun : 2017
  • ISBN : -

Why has Jalauddin Rumi become the most popular classical poet in the United States at this time?  After all, he died more than 800 years ago.  He also originated from a Muslim community.  Meanwhile, Islam has recently become the least popular religion in the United States in comparison to other leading religions.  

People who read Rumi’s poetry do not just belong to the community of aficionados of serious literature.  Many well-known celebrities, such as Madonna, Demi Moore, and Depak Chopra have read Rumi.

What is so appealing about Rumi?  But perhaps the more important question is: What is it about us that keeps us so enchanted by a poet who lived in the Middle Ages?

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