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Exclusive Video: Watch Bob Morley/Bellamy Read from Day 21 By Kass Morgan — with Giveaway!

If you watch on The CW — adapted from 's YA science fiction novel of the same name about a group of delinquent teens sent back to Earth after a nuclear disaster to determine if the planet is inhabitable again — I don't need to tell you who Bob Morley is. He plays Bellamy, and we've got an exclusive video of Bob reading from , the sequel to . If you don't know what is or who Bob Morley is, you can catch up with our recap of the pilot . Then please enjoy this hot, floppy haired man with an Australian accent reading a few lines from a book, and check out our giveaway below:

Intrigued? Enter to win one of three sets of both and U.S. residents only, no P.O. boxes, please. Good luck! And for more teen reads, visit our page! 


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