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Lifetime Achievement Award for Public Opinion Research and Political Consultancy in Indonesia to Denny JA

Jakarta (ANTARA)

Denny JA, the founder of LSI (Lingkaran Survei Indonesia), in accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award for public opinion research and political consultancy hoped that his achievements could be further developed by the next generation to the extent that survey organizations would become sturdier in functioning as the fifth pillar of democracy.

Denny JA addressed this issue in Jakarta on Tuesday (7 March 2017) when he received the award from LEPRID (Lembaga Prestasi Indonesia Dunia) based on 9 accomplishments.  Denny JA was the first to establish the profession of political consultancy in Indonesia.  

He was also the first to establish the Association of Indonesian Survey Institutions (AROPI/ Asosiasi Lembaga Survei Indonesia), which was handed over to Paulus Wangka, the administrator of LEPRID.  Denny also played a crucial role in rescinding two regulations at the Indonesian Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi) which were originally devised to prohibit the announcement of Quick Count results on Election Day. 

Denny has achieved phenomenal records.  For the Quick Count, LSI (Lingkaran Survei Indonesia), which he directed, scored a perfect record with a disparity of 0.00% in comparison with the actual results posted by the KPUD (the General Elections Commission/ Komisi Pimilahan Umum) two weeks later.  He publicized the LSI surveys’ election predictions 13 times in the print media for 13 districts, and all of these predictions were proven to be accurate.

Regarding publications, LSI also scored a record for being the Page 1 headline for leading national newspapers 10 consecutive times.  As a political consultant, he also recorded a phenomenal achievement by winning three consecutive presidential races, 30 gubernatorial races, and 80 mayoral or regency elections in Indonesia.

The era of social media has altered political campaigns.  Denny has indeed notched a record that will be hard to break.  His Tweet related to campaigning on behalf of presidential candidate Jokowi was “retweeted” more than a million times.  In recognition of this accomplishment, he was chosen by Twitter Inc. for the second-place Golden Tweet award on a global scale.  Time Magazine crowned Denny JA as one of the 30 most influential world figures on the Internet, listed together with Obama and Justin Bieber.

Denny JA admits that he has occasionally been wrong in predicting the outcome of various regional elections.  He has also been defeated in his efforts to achieve victory for some political candidates.  He is pleased, however, that he and his colleagues have set a benchmark, a measurable indication of success, in attaining peak records during the past 14 years of his career at his survey agency (LSI) and political consultancy business. 

But once again, every peak performance is temporary in nature.  The time will come when a new record will break the old record.  Thus, civilization makes progress when the achievements of one person are exceeded by another individual’s accomplishments.  The achievements of one generation will inevitably be surpassed by those of successive generations, according to Denny JA.

[Editor: B. K. Wibisono]


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